2023 NDAA UFO Amendment



Image: USGOV

The 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is in the oven, and lawmakers are already working on some interesting amendments related to UFOs in this upcoming budgetary bill. The NDAA, as we all know, funds the entire Department of Defense's military and intelligence branches. Since UFOs or UAPs have now become a national security issue, US representatives want to ensure the process of investigating anomalous phenomena is running smoothly.

To this end, Representative Mike Gallagher of the House Armed Services Committee has proposed a comprehensive set of guidelines in the form of an amendment that will, in principle, guarantee more transparency and data sharing related to UFOs. In essence, this new mandate gives broad discretionary powers to the newly-established Airborne Object Identification Management and Synchronization Group (AOIMSG). This means the AOIMSG, or its future successor, will have the authority to request and receive highly sensitive information related to UFOs from any and all branches of the armed forces and the intelligence community, regardless of the level of classification.

In addition, the new amendment liberates and protects those who are currently working under security oaths and non-disclosure agreements to share information related to UFOs with the AOIMSG without any fear of reprisal. Below, we have embedded the section of the amendment related to UAPs for your viewing convenience.