A Brief Timeline of Disclosure



Image: Fair Use reference/Commons

As the world anxiously waits for Congress to drop the UAP report, we thought a review of past events that lead to where we are today in terms of disclosure, may help us understand how the process evolved over time. But first, some context.

This week, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, or ODNI, delivered the much-anticipated preliminary UAP report to Congress. The volume of work, speculated to be no more than one hundred pages in length, mostly comprises of a classified annex not expected to be disseminated for public consumption. If these rumors are correct, the general public will be provided with a brief and ambiguous analysis of the UFO situation in a dozen or so heavily redacted documents.

Before we dismay about the prospect of getting a so-called 'nothingburger', though, we should keep in mind that prodding the U.S. Government to publicly admit and discuss the existence of the phenomenon with a modicum of honesty - not to mention forcing mainstream media to address the topic in a serious manner- was a herculean task that took almost a century of arduous work by dedicated individuals who doggedly pursued the truth at the expense of their reputation, careers, and even their lives.

Even if many individuals in the UFO community involved themselves in researching the mystery for less than altruistic motives, the combined totality of the whole push gained us an audience with our fellow man, who is often too distracted by the vicissitudes of life to pay attention to such a profound subject.

In the link below, you'll find an excellent compendium of the many important events and personalities that helped propel the disclosure movement forward. Although it is by no means exhaustive in its references, it will nevertheless help you visualize key historic moments and how their combined synergy got us to our present state.