Aliens Crash Queen's Party



The British royal family is celebrating the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II this month. The monarch has been on the throne for 70 years now and a four-day-long extravaganza was thrown in her honor this past week. Among those invited to partake in the celebration were Hollywood A-listers such as Tom Cruise and British actress Helen Mirren. Conspicuously absent from appearing next to the Queen at the Buckingham Palace balcony event, were the Sussexes Meghan and Harry, who flew out from California to join in the festivities but kept a low profile due to their ongoing tensions with the royal family.

Rather than continue to bore you with palace intrigues and quarrels, we now proceed to report about an unusual event that took place in the middle of the public portion of the jubilee. As a sea of loyal subjects gathered around the grounds of Buckingham Palace to cheer on their long-standing queen, Royal Air Force planes overflew the crowd dispersing long streams of red, white, and blue smoke - all symbols of the nation's colors. Although nothing out of the ordinary aroused the public's attention during the ceremony, perceptive television viewers spotted several unusual luminous objects moving about in the midst of the smoke. Footage of the orb-like interlopers has gone viral, prompting many to speculate whether aliens simply wanted to pay respects to one of their own. :biggrin: