Apache Helo Captures UFOs



Compelling footage of an Army AH-64 attack helicopter was released earlier today by the investigative media outlet The Debrief. In the article, a former Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agent reveals the unusual amount of UAP activity occurring on a regular basis near the US-Mexico border.

Robert "Bob" Thompson, a recently retired Department of Homeland Security Agent who was privy to reports of strange aerial incursions over highly-monitored terrain, was able to corroborate the authenticity of the video depicting three luminous objects maneuvering in ways not associated with conventional military or civilian aircraft.

The sighting in question occurred in the late evening hours of November 6, 2018, approximately 40 miles northwest of Tucson, Arizona. According to the crew of Longbow 281, the helo was just taking off for a routine nighttime patrol over the region of Picacho Peak State Park when they suddenly spotted several fast-moving objects on the horizon. The details of this extraordinary incident can be found at the link below.