Baby 'Cyclops' Born



Nature's oddities continues to engender in us a sense of wonderment for its capacity to surprise us. Bizarre events that would have been too unbelievable to even contemplate in the recent past, are now becoming the norm in the strange times we are living in.

On 10 May, news of the birth of a one-eyed creature made headlines across the world. The unlikely baby goat, born in the Indian state of Assam, attracted the attention of hundreds of villagers from all over the region, who made a pilgrimage to the birth site to behold this miracle of nature.

According to veterinary specialists, the baby goat suffers from a rare congenital disorder known as 'Cyclopia,' a condition that is usually fatal. Despite the grim prognosis, the (un)fortunate goat has managed to survive and thrive since 2017 with only one ear, a shortage of teeth, and a stump for a nose. For their part, the owners of the goat consider the animal a profound blessing, since the creature has brought so much fame to their family.