Bigfoot Spotted in Michigan River



A Michigan resident out and about on a kayaking adventure may have spotted the legendary cryptid in the Cass River. The individual - who preferred to remain anonymous for the time being - captured footage of an ape-like creature in the process of crossing the upper Midwestern body of water while holding what many are speculating to be an infant Bigfoot or even a deer. A relative of the lucky witness submitted the video to the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization, a cryptozoology group dedicated to investigate Bigfoot sightings.

Although it is difficult to ascertain from the footage if this is indeed a legitimate Bigfoot sighting rather than some elaborate hoax, many residents in the region are coming forward with tales of their own encounters with the hairy creature in a show of support for the video. According to local Native American traditions, Bigfoot is a protecting spirit that lives in the woods and only reveals himself to frighten those who have "unclean hearts." While we dare not speculate on the moral condition of the videographer, it is worthy to note that the majority of Sasquatch reports come from hunters, loggers, and other individuals who venture deep into nature's sanctuaries.
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