Black Cat Sighting in Australia



Google says an adult Black Puma sits 60 to 75cm at the shoulder.

I did a bit of farm fencing in my youth.
Looking at the strainer posts and the star pickets I make that cat to be near enough to 500mm hunched over plus tail by comparison to the posts. Given a cat sitting like that usually sits with its front legs straight, you have to imagine it is no bigger than what you see when standing.
So I would make it half a meter tall at a guess.
I have two domestic black cats as pets here in the house with me. They would barely be 25 to 30 cm at the tallest.

Now before anyone says it is just a domestic cat, remember a cat is not a lot bigger than a rabbit.
Now imagine what a rabbit would look like in the video at that distance.
Bloody big Rabbit :)


White Rabbit

Yeah there's a heap of big cats in Aus. At the end of WW2 the yanks just let them go. They used to keep them as mascots. Pretty easy to check out.