C.I.A Officer John Ramirez Speaks



A new government insider is making the rounds in the community with a story to tell. John Ramirez, a former officer with the Central Intelligence Agency is educating ufology in the intricacies of UFO data collection.

Mr. Ramirez, who spent more than two decades of service working for the agency's Directorate of Intelligence and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, has ample knowledge of how and where one might find pertinent information on UFOs within the maze of U.S. Intelligence-collecting branches.

With an affable demeanor and a wealth of knowledge derived from years of experience handling top-secret information, Mr. Ramirez delivers an extraordinary presentation about the history of UFOs from the perspective of the agencies involved.

Although John is now retired from active service, he felt it was necessary to come forward and clarify certain misconceptions the public at large has about the role Intelligence agencies play in the whole UAP conundrum. We highly recommend his presentation embedded in the video above.