DARPA's Advance Group 6



Image: DARPA

Washington appears to be leaking like a sieve. The flow of information about the UFO phenomenon has reached a saturation level never seen before. Last evening, the Fox television network broadcasted a TMZ special about the recent developments in the ongoing government UAP Task Force investigation. The program, which featured the most prominent personalities in the push for disclosure, also released new footage concerning the USS Omaha's encounter with unknown aerial craft. Although the new evidence being presented is regarded by many as tenuous at best, it is undeniable that a change in how the subject is treated by the government and the media is palpable.

Rather than let the dust settle, UFO researchers are stoking the flames of disclosure with new information provided by insiders that prefer to keep their anonymity for the time being. Such a piece of information came to light yesterday, when noted UFO researcher Richard Dolan took to his YouTube channel to reveal he had received unprecedented confidential insight into a covert Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) program.

According to Dolan, a government source deeply embedded in the military industrial complex, forwarded him a document containing a laundry list of programs an alleged DARPA outfit known as Advance Group 6 is working on. The secret group, funded with black money, dedicate themselves exclusively to the research of revolutionary propulsion systems. Per the document below, DARPA appears to have made significant advances in antigravity and other highly classified non-conventional means of lift. The confidential communication sent to Dolan, was allegedly shared in the classified portion of the UAPTF report to members of Congress and relates to the following:


Image: Richard Dolan



Well that was really interesting. I hope he is right. It sounds reasonable. A way through all of this where pretty much everyone can save face and a few heroes sre made.
Watvh this space i guess. Its all very complex.