Devon Island NASA Conspiracy



Image: Twitter

NASA cannot catch a break. An old conspiracy about NASA faking its Mars rover footage on the largest uninhabited island in the world is back with a vengeance. Devon Island, located in Canada's extreme northern latitude and one of the largest members of the Arctic Archipelago, has been a home to several multinational planetary research programs over the past decades. Due to the island's topography and harsh climate - which resemble the conditions found on Mars to a degree - have made Devon a perfect place for NASA to test various exploratory platforms before they are launched into space.

Conspiracy aficionados, however, are claiming that most, if not all of NASA's Mars footage is actually taken on Devon Island and point to several images as proof that some type of cover-up is afoot. NASA for its part, is denying that the rover program is actually based on Devon Island or that it fakes the visual media it releases to the public. The space agency went on to justify its presence and activities on the controversial island by pointing out that the site was picked as a test field to conduct various analog missions because the location has "physical similarities to the extreme space environments."