Disclosure? or as Leta Says, 'Just A Nothing-Burger'



Personally, everything I've seen so far, in this new, purported disclosure is just a load of crap.

If this is what people are willing to accept as being any form of disclosure, it just illustrates how 'dumbed down' the Western World's populations all have been indoctrinated to become! There is not anything that has been revealed that hasn't been known since before the turn of the 20th century. All one need do is go through the old newspaper report archives of the 1800s to understand my meaning. The politicians are CLUELESS, while the militaries, they have the sensors, the organization, the structure and the data-cataloging experience to manage long-term, on-going information gathering of ET exhibitions, and they give us more blurry video of 'TicTacs' and 'gyroids'?!!

So far all that we have seen is a rehash of left-overs of a wormy, fungus ridden nuthing-burger, having been too long in cold-storage!!

Look at the paltry information that we've been given so far in these so-call US Naval 'disclosures'. They are not disclosing anything of value. "Oh, its so wonderful, the authorities are disclosing that they know!!" Hah hah hah heh heh ho ho, ohh that is a knee slapper!

TicTacs, gyroids, that is how clueless that they are. Anyone who has put any attention on ET object PHOTOs knows the historical names for these old types of objects. The gyroids were/are known as being of the variety of 'beam-ships', (shades of Billy Meir), and TicTacs (really stupid comparison, but maybe that is what the 'authority'...the pilot who imaged the 'cigarish-shaped' object, had in his pocket). Oh my. They give us old crumbs renamed and its a big media frenzied party, which illustrates how stupid that they are.

Where is the DATA...the goods, physicists know a lot about these objects, anything else is just more nothing-burger.

seriously becoming pi.ssed-off, again, the first time was in 1969, with the release of Project BlueBook 'Condom' report.



You did not take long to switch to rant mode. In any cade there is a thread already for skeptics that Leta started. No point making a new one


Dang. A lot of ppl are going to be disappointed for sure if nothing is put forth. It is hard not to be cynical when you've seen it all before, tho. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

The process is as follows:

-The new UAP task (UAPTF) force is to compile UFO data from all defense agencies.

- UAPTF then writes a comprehensive report and forward it to the Director of National Intelligence (DNI).

-DNI decides what information in the report gets shared with Congress and the public.

So, even if the UAPTF reports that aliens are here, DNI can still censure that in the report to Congress. Too much bureaucracy imo.


The only new thing is the apparent admission by the military that there actually is something there.

Let's take that for now.