Dr. Greer Weighs in on Elizondo



By now, it should come as no surprise to those following recent events in the UFO community, that Dr. Steven Greer has misgivings about TTSA, and in particular, Luis Elizondo's disclosure agenda.

Dr. Greer, an avodcate for peaceful contact with extraterrestrial entities, is critical of the threat narrative that seems to be driving the movement of former Department of Defense and armed forces personnel.

In a recent video, Dr. Greer made explosive revelations about Luis Elizondo and the drama taking place behind the scenes at the Pentagon. According to Greer, the government is actively trying to pull Elizondo's security clearances for allegedly going rogue and not supporting the original, carefully orchestrated plan to sell a UFO threat narrative to the American people.

Elizondo, who is now represented by noted attorney Daniel Sheehan, has launched a complaint against the DoD by petitioning the Inspector General, via legal council, to look into improprieties against him and the national security of the United States by certain unnamed elements inside the Pentagon.



No surprise there, in fact Elizondo alluded to the efforts to discredit him in one of your linked videos. He did not go into details though. I guess if he is taking legal action that might explanation his reticence.