Dr. Puthoff's Ultraterrestrial Models



Image: H. E. Puthoff/Journal of Cosmology

Below, we present the publication of Dr. Harold E. Puthoff addressing the Ultraterrestrial Models hypothesis. Because many of you are already acquainted with Dr. Puthoff's lifelong research into the area of UFO phenomenology, a brief academic background is presented for those new to the field. In 1967, Puthoff earned a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University and did extensive scientific research and development for the defense and intelligence community relating to paranormal phenomena. Now in the private sector, Dr. Puthoff is a co-founding member of Tom DeLonge's To the Stars Academy and is currently the president & CEO of EarthTech International, Inc.

The paper you are about to read is a concise and extremely sought-after seminal work dealing with scenarios that could potentially explain the UFO enigma. Most favored of all the possible candidates presented in the publication, is the Ultraterrestrial Models. In it, Dr. Puthoff contends that anomalous phenomena attributed to UFOs could be explained by the existence of another intelligent civilization coexisting with us. Their discrete presence, possible only thanks to an elevated level of technology which affords them a modicum of privacy from intrusive Homo sapiens sapiens, is nevertheless threatened by the present condition of the planet and the state of human affairs.

While controversial in nature, this scientific exposition is of the utmost importance if we are to grasp the ontological consequences the human race must face when confronted with the fact that we are neither alone nor the masters of our domain. No longer a taboo subject, Dr. Puthoff made this publication available for download to all interested parties in the hopes of advancing the level of discussion and investigation to new and novel heights. We are embedding the complete version of the paper below for your viewing convenience.