Dr. Travis Taylor Revealed as UAPTF Scientist



The UFO community is abuzz after learning that Dr. Travis Taylor, of Ancient Aliens and The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch fame, was actually the chief scientist for the Pentagon's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF). Dr. Taylor, a child prodigy who earned two doctorates in science at a young age, has spent the majority of his adult life working in defense-related research and development for the US Government.

A household name to many UFO aficionados, Taylor is a familiar scientific face on television. His ongoing appearances on the aforementioned History Channel's two very successful series has elevated the subject of serious UFO research to new heights in addition to making the topic more familiar and palatable to mainstream academia, which is slowly beginning to embrace the 'scientific' side of the phenomenon.

The revelation of Dr. Taylor's involvement in the UAPTF dropped out of the blue thanks to the investigative work of journalist George Knapp, who for quite a while now, has worked tiredly behind the scenes to keep us abreast of all the latest UFO developments in Washington.