Edward Snowden Back on Joe Rogan



The noted whistleblower made another online visit to The Joe Rogan podcast. Mr. Snowden, living in exile at an undisclosed location in Moscow, Russia since 2013, is back to discuss the latest developments in Internet privacy. Recently, the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled in favour of Snowden, citing that the mass surveillance program he exposed was an unlawful act against the American people.

This victory may open up the possibility for Snowden to receive a presidential pardon - something president Trump is seriously considering despite calling Snowden a "traitor deserving of execution" on a previous occasion.

During the show, Snowden talked at length about how the operating systems in our phones and other digital devices are constantly under attack by the ever-intrusive Big Brother who seeks to monitor, collect, and rummage through our online data without consent. He also warned us against becoming complacent and accustomed to these types of privacy violations and encouraged all listeners to legally fight back for the control of their digital life.