Ellen a UFO Believer



Popular American comedian, actress, and show host Ellen DeGeneres has revealed where she stands on the whole UFO issue - and it is a hoot. On the final season of her critically-acclaimed television show, Ellen expressed her firm belief that we are not alone in the universe and that she finds the idea of UFOs being of an extraterrestrial origin a natural consequence of the vastness of the cosmos.The television star now joins an ever-growing constellation of celebrities and scientists who are publicly coming out as UFO enthusiasts.

Recently, a public survey conducted by the prestigious Pew Research Center found that almost two-thirds of Americans believe in extraterrestrial life, and that a large percentage of those who participated in the poll do not perceive UFOs to be a national security risk. This sudden rise in UFO popularity among Hollywood celebs and reputable members of academia, is "largely due to the government's change of posture about the phenomenon," sociologists claim.

With the tantalizing expectation of a capital 'D' disclosure in the horizon, the public consciousness is slowly shifting from a stigma-based paradigm, where UFO belief is ostracized, to a more lenient and accepting environment where these topics can be discussed and analyzed in a more friendly manner.