Former G-Man Exposes Fake Alien Threat



John DeSouza, a retired FBI Special Agent who served the bureau for 25 years as a field agent overseeing counter-terrorism activities, investigating paranormal events, and later serving as legal council for the top law enforcement agency in the land, was instrumental in providing some of the best spooky material featured in the '90s television hit show The X-Files. After having spent decades inside the halls of power of the federal government, John is coming forward with a sobering warning about the whole UFO phenomenon.

Contrary to what you might expect from such a prominent, former bureau employee, DeSouza is neither an advocate for the type of disclosure being promoted online, nor a fan of the narrative being put forth by current government whistleblowers. During a recent interview with noted exo-politician Dr. Michael Salla, DeSouza denounced what he alleges to be a government cover-up involving an evil, reptilian-minded cabal comprised of influential individuals at the highest levels of global power working hand-in-glove with nefarious entities called "The Extra-Dimensionals."

If Mr. DeSouza is correct about what is to come, soon, some form of artificial intelligence residing on the Moon will emerge to threaten planet Earth. These belligerent alien entities will assume the shape of 'Tic Tacs' and engage in random attacks against the military forces of the world and innocent civilians.

These chaotic events will trigger the necessary conditions the "global elite" have been waiting for in order to consolidate their power over humanity. Using what he calls "a fake alien invasion narrative," the cabal will try to gain total global dominance of the world's population in exchange for providing protection against these hostile aliens. Listen to the full interview in the video embedded above and draw your own conclusions.