From Moon Hut to Rock




Late last year, China’s Yutu-2 lunar exploration vehicle spotted a mysterious cube-like object while roving on the surface of the moon. The geological oddity immediately caught the attention of hopeful alien enthusiasts, who wholeheartedly believe in the existence of ancient and modern extraterrestrial structures on other celestial bodies.

Unlike their Western counterparts, however, who loath to alter their course in order to investigate any curious land formation they may come across while conducting pre-programmed tasks, the Chinese space agency decided to further investigate and sensationalize this seemingly out-of-place anomaly they dubbed the "mystery house," or hut.

This object pierced through the winding of the skyline, like a "mysterious hut" that appeared out of thin air. There was a large "baby" impact crater beside it. Was it a home built by aliens after the crash landing? Or is it the pioneer spacecraft of the predecessors to explore the moon?

Earlier today, we learned that the hype never amounted to much. The 'moon hut' turned out to be be just another ordinary rock chilling at the edge of a crater rim. Nicknamed "jade rabbit" because it looks a bit like a crouching bunny, the now-famous moon rock is yet another anticlimactic conclusion for a community that is ever-hopeful for a sliver of concrete evidence to some of their most cherished certainties.