Have we considered this about possible ET?



Consider this...

Then we have all the unexplained stuff that some push aside, ESP, past lives, seeing the dead etc...
All this and much more is the reality of earth and all its creatures.
It seems our minds are capable of so much that we cannot tap into on purpose.
All this from our tiny little planet full of primitive little humans who conceitedly think they they are the big kid on the block.

What might be the reality of ET.
Imagine the classic image of ET...

If "I" make uninformed assumptions...
Frail bodies imply low gravity.
Big eyes imply low light or perhaps a different spectrum of light as per our creatures.
They never seem to be seen in a space suit?? What does this imply.
Small to non existent noise so spell is not important.
Does this mean they have other senses more relevant to them.
The fact they are here suggests extreme advancement over our tech.
And all the things I am way too primitive to think of.
What might be the reality of a race from an environment totally different to ours, with 1000 or a million years evolution and tech development be like.

When ET lands in our field, by our standards might be on an Acid trip where they see the whole spectrum from low to high.
independent of time with all the abilities of a savant, hearing all our thoughts having to block our radio signals to avoid headache with a moral agenda beyond our comprehension, and 15 extra senses we have not even considered.
And all the other possibilities you and anyone else can think of pus the ones we can't

I think we need to humble up a bit and hope they let us in on their reality.

My Dad used to say....

"The wise old Owl lived in an oak, the more he heard, the less he spoke, the less he spoke, the more he heard, so take a tip from this wise old bird"

Seems like pretty good advice to me in this current climate...

ET!!! if your reading this...take me take me :)