IMF Warning for real?


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IMF Global Downturn Warning ( )

"the world is facing its worst downturn since the Great Depression as shuttered factories, quarantines and national lockdowns cause economic output to collapse"​

What do you think? Are their predictions really going to come true? Even here in Australia some are thinking and believing that these experts, who predicted the Australian economic fall, may be wrong and that other factors have to be included. See Australian Economic Projection - Covid 19

"the country is about to suffer its biggest economic blow since the Great Depression"
"The International Monetary Fund expects the Australian economy to shrink by 6.7 per cent this year, more than double the global rate, amid the coronavirus crisis"

However, what about the decrease in the spread of this flu? Will the lockdowns be removed earlier than anticipated and everyone resumes their normal lives? Is this the kind of economic scare people need, in whom are already panicky? At this rate perhaps they may be some downturn, but I think that the Government will sort it out, we have been through this before in history, nothing new in human history terms.
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