Impending Alien Contact, NSA Paper Warns



Image: NSA

According to former AATIP Director Luis Elizondo, 2022 may turn out to be a "banner year" for the disclosure process. During his appearance on Jimmy Church's Fade to Black podcast on Tuesday, Mr. Elizondo made reference to a newly declassified National Security Agency (NSA) paper describing some of the methods an advanced alien civilization could use to communicate with us.

The bombshell document, aptly titled "Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence," comes on the heels of the Senate's ongoing hearings to appoint the new Department of Defense Inspector General, or IG. In November of last year, President Biden nominated the current NSA Inspector General, Robert P. Storch, for the government's 'top watchdog' position. Despite being in a privileged spot at the NSA for all these years, Mr. Storch disavowed having any knowledge of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) issue when questioned by Senator Gillibrand but expressed his willingness to look into the matter if confirmed for the position - a response that prompted an admonishment to get educated on the subject from the distinguished gentlewoman of New York.

While we wait for Mr. Storch to get up to speed on UFOs, a quick perusal of the declassified NSA paper in question reiterates the probability that we are not alone in the universe by citing various studies conducted by Cornell University and the National Science Foundation. If our hypotheses are correct about the abundance of life throughout the universe, extraterrestrial civilizations could already be transmitting high-frequency radio wave signals of 1420.405752 megacycles per second and a wavelength of 8.26 inches - the emission spectrum corresponding to free atomic hydrogen.

Although it is common knowledge that SETI has been unsuccessfully scanning the "Microwave Window" or "Water Hole" for several decades now, the paper also proposes searching for more sophisticated methods of communication, such as MASERs, LASERs, and even neutrino signals. Are aliens bombarding our planet with radio signals that the NSA is picking up but not telling us about it? Will the new DOD Inspector General open the floodgates of disclosure? We remain hopeful. In the meantime, have a look at the top-secret document embedded below in its entirety for your viewing convenience and draw your own conclusions. You can also click on THIS LINK and download it for yourself.