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I recently was listening and reading up on Bob Lazar. Bob opines that the U.S. government, or whatever department/branch thereof that is charged with investigating these matters, really isn't getting the best minds available to help their research. He references himself, saying he was a nobody, and off the top of his head he could list ten people whom he felt were more equipped to advance their (gov) understanding of the craft. He suggested that they should open it up to the scientific community for their inspection, commenting too that the installation at S-4 is rather small.

In a way, of course, it makes good sense to hire lesser known individuals. Those who have gained some prominence in their occupational fields, maybe wouldn't represent an ideal candidate, simply because they would attract greater attention, and perhaps made less easily expendable (dark). It could also be harder to discredit such an individual, or dissuade them from making a public revelation.

In a way it also makes sense, if your aim is to keep the details of the alien/UFO phenomena secret, to also keep the circle of those in the know to a bare minium. Anyone being introduced to some facet of the subject would obviously need to be vetted and monitored. Leaks exist, and do happen, but of course, it would likely have lead to more precautionary steps being taken. Gotta plug the leaks. Of course, we know Top Secret classifications are often based on a need to know policy. We also know the U.S. government often keeps information compartmentalised, so sometimes a fella in one room won't know what the fella in the next room is working on.

So, my feeling is that the overall responsibility of this matter would still reside in only a handful of people, like MJ12. Nonetheless it is truly remarkable how well kept this secret is. What a burden too.

I believe the government would take onboard, consult or use an individual who's exceptionally capable in their respective field, but would likely pass them over if they're too well known (or of course a security check reveals something amiss). Other than that, if they are helping in some capacity, it's best to limit their access.

There is a man I've known for over a decade, who attracted the attention of the U.S. government, way back in the 60's (I think). I've conversed with him on various topics, from time to time, including alien life. He's a genius. Some of what he has told me is fascinating and some of it parallel with other leaks.

What do you guys think the government's selection process would or should include as well as exclude?

I know, whether accurate or not, in Project CARET it was surprising to hear civilians were studing alien artefacts, in the bid to reverse engineer their tech -- who had no prior military experience or handling of sensitive classified materials.

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.................................... What do you guys think the government's selection process would or should include as well as exclude?.....................................

Well that would depend on your political point of view. If you are a libertarian, you would want complete openness and disclosure in all matters related to UFO's. On the other hand if you are pro government, well I guess it is easy to make an excuse for complete secrecy on the grounds of national security. So who to exclude is very subjective.

And likewise the selection process faces a similar issue. What if the best scientist in a given field is a perfect subject matter expert for some secret area of UFO research. However the same is a UFO Disclosure activist. So that person is not going to be suitable for a pro government selection committee. And if the goal was disclosure, well you would not hire an ex government hardcore 4 star general from the cold war, if his views matched his history.

So in my view before you ask who should I hire, you have to decide who is doing the hiring first :)
Me..I am a cautious libertarian. While I believe in full disclosure on most things, I am also a realist. So I recognize that because not all governments and people have honorable intentions, some information should not be readily available to all and sundry.

So for me, there is no easy answer.
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Is it at all possible that since 1947 there roles in these fields reserved for the children and bloodline of those already involved? Keeping it in the family.