Inspirational words from Neil Armstrong


Not to cast aspersions on the man, but have a look at this interesting vid where a body/speech expert analyzed an interview Neil gave back in the day. Something is odd about the way he describes his experience according to the expert. The good stuff starts at 7: 31, which is where the link down below starts:



Hmm, I find that analysis pretty hollow. Almost the entire argument made is based on Armstrong not using "I" as a description oof what he saw.
My small knowledge of him is that he was a very humble man. I find it not at all unusual to avoid "I"
Hell it is something "I" :) do myself regularly. It I am part of a team of people doing anything I am very careful to avoid "I" and use a more inclusive description such as "We"
And the base line comments at the end, nonsense.
We have multiple baselines for multiple occasions. My baseline talking to my grand-kids is very different to me talking to a work mate.
I have not alwasy worked in IT. One job I had while at UNI was in a Petrol (Gas) station.
My speech went from talking gently about the weather and if it is a good day to get some clothes on the line, to ocker talk about football with others.
And everything in between.
And the security think could in part have a bearing on how he formed his answers.
There are plenty of other conspiracy theories that suggest they saw all sorts of stuff on the Moon. Even if it were not ET, just general security.
I think in truth it is just a combination of his manner, and his humble nature. Three blokes went up in Apollo 11. How much focus was put on Armstrong. How many times already had he described his experiences. I see no surprise at all in him distancing himself from singular description or credit.

To me the notion of the fake moon landing is a joke.
How many thousands of people were involved close up over the decade building up to it.
How could you silence them.
Do you think the Former soviet Union would not have noticed they did not go there?
It was a space race. Think of the humiliation the soviets could have heaped on the US had they caught them out.
I think it virtually impossible to have tricked the public on this, but utterly inconceivable that the Soviets could have not noticed.
Decades ago I worked with an old electrician that was part of the team that kept the Tidbinbilla Dish pointing in the right direction to pick up the transmissions of the Apollo 11 crew. He told me of his first hand experiences of hearing Armstrong and Aldrin talking about not being alone up there on the edge of the crater. He told me of this long before I read or heard the official conspiracy theories about Aliens being there with them.
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