'Jetpack Man' Causes Alarm at LAX



A mysterious individual nicknamed by authorities as "Jetpack Man" was spotted in the vicinity of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for the fourth time in nearly a year. Reports of the alleged unidentified person strapped to a jet pack flying dangerously close to restricted airspace began circulating in the middle of 2020, when pilots reported the strange interloper to air traffic control.

The incident caused such a commotion at LAX that the FBI was called in to look into the matter. A preliminary report by the federal investigative agency concluded that it was highly unlikely that the sightings involved an actual person. Kristi Johnson, the FBI assistant director in charge of the Los Angeles Field Office, proposed alternative hypotheses for the sightings during a press conference that ranged from a balloon resembling "a jet pack or person," to "a drone designed to look like a jet pack or person." Although she's not entirely discarding the possibility that a person is behind the odd occurrence, she echoes aviation experts in their assessment that the dynamics to pull off such a stunt are complex. Could 'Jetpack Man' be a UAP assuming a humanoid form?