Marshall Masters Live Tonight



You're welcome, Michael. Is the cat in your avi yours? ♡

Actually no, it looks just like my friends cat though.
I don't own any pets, but I love my neighbors cat. She comes over to my backyard often, I always feed her and play with her for a few mins. She's kinda like my own cat.


This was actually the only time I've seen her during the day, she only comes over at night haha.


Oh that one, yes I had heard about it at the time. It did initially look like it may be something other than what it turned out to be. And I agree it is certainly one of our strangest encounters so far. But it hardly fills the Niburu Myth :)
Most Niburu doomsayers are hell bent on describing it as a hidden rogue planet, lurking in the outer reaches of our solar system, or I heard one say we had a mirror image earth on the opposite side of the Sun (Niburu) that we can't see as the sun is always in the way lol
But I guess if we have expanded the definition of Niburu or planet X to include large (non planetary) objects such as Oumuamua..
Well then there may be lots of Niburu's lurking out there.