Medellin UFO 'Genuine', Experts Say



Incredible footage of an unidentified flying object filmed cruising the skies of the South American country of Colombia is taking the internet by storm. Members of an Airbus 320 crew on a routine flight over the city of Medellin were quick to notice the peculiar object as it approached the starboard side of the aircraft headed in an opposite trajectory. Unconfirmed reports indicate the UAP was first detected by the onboard instruments, which promptly alerted the pilots to unidentified traffic ahead.

In the video - apparently taken by the flight's first officer - a strange polygon-shaped object approximately 10 to 15 feet in diameter is seen flying past the airliner at a relatively moderate speed. Footage of the avionics at the moment of contact indicate the jet and the object in question were both at roughly 30,000 feet - an altitude considered by aviation experts to be "too high for ordinary helium balloons and most consumer-grade drones."

As UFO enthusiasts scramble to obtain cockpit communications of the incident, skeptics are taking to social media to cast doubt on the whole encounter citing how coincidental it was for the copilot to point and zoom the cellphone camera at the precise flight path of the unidentified object.

Although a forensic analysis of the video indicates the footage is authentic, the sighting remains to be confirmed by air traffic controllers and military authorities of the South American nation. Catch the in-depth analysis of this close encounter on The Proof Is Out There, which airs this Friday at 10pm ET on The History Channel.