Michael Schratt's UFO Quest



Noted aviation engineer, historian, television personality, and author Michael Schratt just launched a YouTube channel dedicated to the analysis of UFO sightings. For over a decade, Michael has built a reputation in our community for applying an unparalleled level of investigative excellence to some of the most famous eyewitness testimonies of encounters with unidentified objects.

With an academic background in aviation engineering and years of experience working for the private aerospace industry under his belt, Michael brings to bear his expertise to the field of ufology with a brand new channel depicting the most comprehensive and realistic illustrations of close encounters meticulously culled from various academic institutions, UAP research centers, and private collections.

His objective approach to the phenomenon has been lauded for presenting the unadulterated facts of each encounter devoid of any of the personal baggage that often plagues the field. When serious researchers try to make sense of what we are seeing in our skies, Schratt is one of the few aviation experts they approach for an unbiased analysis.

In subsequent posts, we'll be embedding Michael's newly-released videos as they become available. This UFO series is of particular importance given the historical significance of the cases addressed in it. If you are a long-time follower of Michael Schratt - or new to his work - consider supporting his research by hitting the subscribe button and sharing the links to his videos.