Moonships Sighted by Astronomer



Image: Jean Michel Tanec via YouTube
On April 3, 2020 Jean Michel Tanec uploaded a video to YouTube allegedly given to him by an astronomer friend who wished to remain anonymous. The footage, filmed in Montreal, France purports to show three huge UFOs transiting across a daytime crescent moon before disappearing from view. In the revealing video, the unidentified objects are observed casting a shadow on the lunar surface as they flyby, something that helped in determining how close these craft were to the surface.

Experts who have analyzed the footage speculate that the mystery ships are between five and fifteen miles in length and approximately one to three miles in width, flying at an average altitude of 84,000 feet (15 miles above the surface). This measurements were derived when the one of the objects passed over Endymion, a fifty-nine-miles-in-diameter lunar impact crater that lies near the northeast limb of the Moon.

To date, the video has gained close to two million views and also a significant numbers of debunkers, who believe the footage is nothing but a CGI hoax. What do you think?

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Haha. My thoughts exactly. A huge Meade is wut I'm ordering as soon as I become wealthy enough.
I have been watching the buy sell forums for a good 2nd hand 10 or 12 inch mirror. They turn up fom time to time. I am betting they would be everywhere in the US 2nd hand market, They are pretty bubsys to make, particularly a Dobson. My reasoning is that a less that perfect home made Dobson that I can look through is better than a $10k Meade I only ever dream about but can never afford to buy. :)


Did he see them in the long shot as he never said anything and the sound was going ? Did the objects just pop into view or did they come from the other side of the moon terminator ? If its real its very odd. I only have high powered binoculars and I have never seen anything .