New Zealand Beach UFO



Image: Google
Signs of extraterrestrial visitation are all over if you look carefully enough. This time, the credit goes to Google Maps for keeping an (electronic) eye out. The UFO appeared on David Newstead's desktop screen while conducting a search using Google Maps. The unidentified object, seen off the coast of St. Kilda beach on New Zealand’s South Island, matches the typical description of a saucer-shaped UFO.

The UFO looks like a fat disc, thicker in the upper and lower middle. The object is metallic in color and has no wings and nothing to indicate that it might be a balloon, drone, plane or anything...
- Scott Waring

Even though the picture is several years old, it recently gained popularity on social media when UFO researcher Scott Waring posted a video about it on Friday. See the picture for yourself on Google Maps.
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It is a good photo because it is not centered on the UFO which means it was likely not a set up.
I always smell a ray when these supposed random paranormal or UFO photos are published but mysteriously the subject is offset only to have the so called "previously unnoticed" apparition center of frame.
May not be ET, but seems to be a genuine UFO.