NOPE is coming to a theater near you and critics are already buzzing about it. The science fiction film is in the best tradition of Hollywood blockbusters such as Independence Day and Steven Spielberg cinematography all rolled into one, critics say. Director Jordan Peele is hoping to convey a '50s-era nostalgia coupled to the classic flying saucer phenomenon motif.

The plot of the film focuses on the lives of two siblings who operate Hollywood’s only Black-owned horse ranch. After discovering that an alien spaceship is hovering over their family’s property, the dynamic duo sets out to capture the spaceship on camera. but the mission inevitably turns into a spectacle of horror. Director Peele, who is well-versed in the oddities of Skinwalker Ranch, says he drew inspiration for his film from UFO folklore deeply embedded in our society.

This film is definitely a brilliant piece of "Americana" and is just what is needed after the turmoil of the last few years. Whether you're looking to be entertained, horrified, or explore societal issues, NOPE has got you covered. NOPE hits the big screen on July 22th, 2022.