Ogopogo Strikes Again



Image: Creative Commons

Adam Schwartz was just chillin' out on the shore of Okanagan Lake in Canada, when a water disturbance grabbed his attention. Believing something extraordinary was about to surface, Adam started documenting the odd event with his mobile device: "We were just hanging out on the shore. It was a really calm day and no boats were passing by or anything. We were looking out at the water. Then, all of a sudden, we saw this weird formation of waves that were kind of going against the current of what was coming in."

While it is unclear from the half-minute footage what was causing the weird motion of the water, legend has it that it could be due to the swimming mechanics of a mythical creature known as Ogopogo - America's version of the Loch Ness monster - who is said to dwell in large North American bodies of water. Mr. Schwartz, who happens to be a Cryptozoologist enthusiast, doesn't attribute the sighting to the legendary crypto, however, but rather to a "long fish that likes to stick down low in the lake and pops up every once in a while." Watch video of the sighting below:



Well I don't know if it is Ogopogo but it looks like something pretty long. I have never seen anything that looks like that.