Pentagon's OUSD Chief Fired



Image: DOD

An explosive exposé by Tim McMillan of The Debrief describes in vivid detail the alleged unceremonious ousting of Garry Reid, the Pentagon's Director for Defense Intelligence. The controversial Washington figure was in charge of all counterintelligence within the Department of Defense, a position that directly oversaw all of Luis Elizondo's AATIP activities related to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), among other Special Access Programs (SAPs).

For sometime now, rumors within the UFO community have circulated about Mr. Reid being the main reason Luis Elizondo resigned from his position at the Pentagon. According to the piece, Reid was allegedly engaged in all manner of hostile, conspiratorial, and corrupt work-environment practices, a situation that degraded to the point of garnering the attention of the DoD’s Inspector General’s Office, which launched a four-year investigation that culminated in Mr. Reid's sacking from office.

Although it is alleged that Reid was fiercely antagonistic towards the UFO subject - and was the person responsible for most of Elizondo's professional troubles - the most likely offenses that got him fired were America’s chaotic withdrawal of refugees from Afghanistan - an operation directly supervised by Reid's office - and several accusations of sexual misconduct raised by an undisclosed number of subordinates. The Afghan debacle, a major source of embarrassment for the United States coupled to an alleged "zipper problem," proved too much for the Biden administration to stomach. Get all the sleazy details in the link provided below.