Pentagon's Shocking UFO Files Revealed



Image: DIA/Pixabay

The British tabloid The Sun claims to have received more than 1,500 pages worth of government documents related to the Pentagon's secretive UFO program, formerly known as the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP). The Sun filed a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) petition back in September 2017 just days after the the New York Times broke the AATIP story requesting any and all documents having to do with with the covert program ran by Luis Elizondo, the former director of AATIP and current (un) official leader of the UAP disclosure movement.

Found within the newly-released files, are shocking revelations of severe health impacts on humans caused by interactions with anomalous aerial vehicles and their alleged occupants. Examples of UFO-related injuries reported by "experiencers" include: hair loss, fatigue, fever, nose bleeds, and heart palpitations. The list of biological effects also contains reports of disturbing psychological sequelae attributed to close encounters that led to abductions scenarios of a sexual nature which resulted in "unaccounted-for pregnancies."

Although The Sun is yet to publish the totality of the documents it received from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) via FOIA, critics are already slamming the provenance of some of the reports contained in the DIA release as "spurious" and "grossly anecdotal" given the fact that some of them were obtained from independent civilian UFO organizations such as MUFON and even tabloid media outlets like The National Enquirer.