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When i was going through my hippy days at about 18 years old I had a pair of Red 1980s era short shorts :) Only they got washed and faded so much they ended up pink. all year round, even mid winter I wore my red shorts, bare feet, and a singlet.
I literately went barefoot for nearly 2 years. Water, mud, hot roads rocks. all the same. My feet ended up getting so wide and my toes spread so far out I could clasp my fingers between my toes like you do hands. When I finally tried to put on shoes I couldnt, my feet were just too wide to fit. Took ages to get them back into normal shoes.
But those pink shorts... man did I cop shit.
"No I am not Gay" ;)

I just found a picture of a pair just like then, how silly I must have looked...
And I thought I looked so cool lol



LOL! Guys simply do not look good in those, unless you have chiseled soccer legs ;-)
Well it was a long time ago and i was a tad skinnier then. This was skateboard handstand days.
But I agree, it is not a good look now, probly not back in the 80s either :)