Planck Time



I was thinking about this idea.
So what does it mean in real terms. If 10 -43 is the smallest unit of time that there is. Time and our existence must be like a film strip running at a frame rate of 10 to the +43 frames per second. Doesn't this mean we are not real? That we are just a fast moving collection of stationary moments? Just like a film strip. Some suggest we are just a computer simulation.
So is 10 -43 our CPU clock speed?
Are we just the musings of some cosmic conciseness that exists without the burden of time?

I watch a lot of a man called Sadhguru, for me personally he is the wisest man I have ever known to exist. I have watched countless hours of his words.
He talks about reality a lot, about looking inward and seeing our real existence, and the real reality of existence, not looking out at the world.

I have always thought that the paranormal, esp, and most of what science frowns on is all tied up together in some reality.
Especially after I read "The Holographic Universe" That book got a bit airy fairy in places, but in essence it made a lot of sense to me.

Many pepole who have profound experiences such as Near death, out of body, DMT speak of a timelessness.,
That they don't know if they were out for 5 mins or a 100 years.

I wonder if when we die we go back to a cosmic consciousnesses (my belief) that exists outside time.
A place not restrained by a CPU speed of 10 -43 seconds.

Google up Sadhguru for wisdom and a crazy old lady called Deloris Cannon
She seems to know too much an I wonder how much she fills in the gaps with her own beliefs.
But her work on Hypniosis and past lifee regression is without parallel.