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Did you know that my avatar drawing is from an real encounter with an unknow being? As the story goes, in December 1973, in the city of Vilvoorde, Belgium, a teen woke up to an strange green glow outside his kitchen window, when he went to investigate, he found an pretty bizzare sight: in his backyard there was an strange pointy eared and yellow eyed being wearing an "hazmat suit" and scanning the backyard with what looked suspiciously like an metal detector (!) or maybe one of those vaccum cleaners. As the man watched the being defied the laws of physics by climbing his cinder block wall just like an fly (!) ie by "walking" on the wall
after the being disappeared behind the wall, the witness spied an strange vehicle hovering above the wall: an stereotypical flying saucer with an identical being inside! <Editor's note: this thread was originally posted by esteemed former member, humanoidlord>


Some worms will eat themselves if they can’t find any food!
Sounds like the human race :)


I have three nipples :) Two in the normal spot another under my leftie :)
My doctor said it is unusual, and a kickback to ancient times, he said he has seen people with two rows like a wolf.
But you can't easily see them now as I have double Dragons Tatoo'd on my chest with a bit of a dedication of allegiance to Dracula :)
Any um mm, yep, Tattoo guns on the nipples, err no fun, no fun at all :)


It's one of those stories that I want to have a response to. I could be here for hours listening to my heart for the perfect insight to it. Well... Here goes...

That has never happened to me. :)