San Marino Advocates for UFOs



Image: Commons

Interesting events are taking place in the tiny Republic of San Marino. An autonomous state, much like the Vatican, San Marino seats comfortably in the northeastern side of the Apennine Mountains in Italy. Counted among the world's oldest republics, it retains much of its old-world charm dating back centuries, making it an ideal tourist destination for those seeking a medieval, picturesque fairy tale experience.

Although it may seem inconsequential, San Marino is a permanent member of the United Nations (UN) and the Council of Europe. As a voting Member State, it enjoys all the privileges afforded to any other global power. And San Marino is planning to make use of its influence to petition the Office of the U.N. Secretary-General for a permanent UFO commission within the halls of the United Nations.

Known as "Project Titan," San Marino officials will request to host an official annual UFO conference for all UN Member States, provided the motion is approved by the UN Secretary-General. The ambitious plan gained momentum after several Italian and international UFO organizations presented their case before high-ranking political figures of San Marino, who wholeheartedly consider the matter of the upmost importance to the future of humanity. Read more about it below.