Sci-Fi Short Film: "ALIENS NIGHT" - Aliens Abduction - Science fiction (CGI VFX) - If you like CGI science fiction movies about alien invasion.



If you like CGI science fiction short films on the subject of aliens invasion and UFO sightings.

The story of this science fiction short movie is about an alien spaceship that descends to earth and a group of gray aliens that invade the home of a young biologist who will be forced to fight hard for her life. (Duration: 7 minutes)

"ALIENS NIGHT" has collected over 9 million views online and receiving reviews from Hammer Film, Horror Society, CGBros, Horror News, Fright Nights Fest and many more. Semi-Finalist LOS ANGELES Cine Festival. Other Film Festivals: "CLEVELAND COMIC WITH FILM SHOWCASE", "BIG TERROR FILM FESTIVAL","MIAMI INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL","AMERICAN HORROR FILM FESTIVAL","FANTAFESTIVAL","VIENNA FILM FESTIVAL"

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