Seafloor Holes Baffle Scientists



Image: NOAA

While conducting a research and exploratory mission in the Atlantic, the crew of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Okeanos Explorer vessel spotted a straight line of holes in the seafloor. The perforations, which look man-made, have scientists wondering what or who could have gone down there just to dig holes which serve no apparent purpose.

The scientific vessel Okeanos is currently exploring the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a large underwater mountain range, and the biota surrounding the region. During this past weekend, as part of their mapping and census activities, the ship's remote-operated vehicle was lowered to the ocean floor and immediately caught sight of the unusual sublinear sets of holes.

Confounded by the bizarre find, the NOAA team took to social media in the hopes of outsourcing an explanation. The answers received ranged from the mundane to the truly bizarre, with some even suggesting aliens were responsible for the holes, while others claimed nuclear submarines were testing some sort of revolutionary new ablative weapon on the ocean floor.