Show us your Tats



In a thread else where I made reference to Vampire Tattoos.
It occurred to me some here might have some nice Tats they may be willing to share.
So if anyone has tats, and want to post a pic, here is the spot.
If it is not personal, tell us the theme and what it means.

I have a fair few :) They fall into two categories, Vampire and Music.
If there is interest I will post some music ones but for now here are a couple of mine Vampire related,

This one I partially ripped off,
I stole an album cover if a favorite band called Nox Arcana, I added the Vampire cross of eternal life (or death :) ) And put the D in for Dracula.

Yes if your wondering, a Tattoo gun on the nipples hurts like nothing else. :)
I don't recommend it if your pain threshold is low. haha




The one on my neck follows the same theme.
Order of Dracula (OrdoDracul)
The Vampire bite on my neck is just that, if you see it not distorted becasue I have my neck straight with a washed clean shaven neck it actually looks quite real. I have had folks ask, What did you do to your neck" thinking I am really belleding.


This last one is not a Tat but my best mate Floyd out driving.
Love him to bits.

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