Space Force to Study UFOs



Image: USSF
The new defense branch has been tapped by the Pentagon to collect and analyze information on UFOs. Thus far, the Navy's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force has been doing the lion's share of the work by gathering the pertinent data and providing reports to elected officials, but that's about to change.

By definition, a task force is not a permanent institution but rather a temporary unit formed for the purpose of carrying out a specific operation or mission. With that in mind, the Washington brass is looking to establish a more enduring and well-funded base of operations dedicated to collecting intelligence on everything abnormal flying in our skies.

The Space Force, however, is having second thoughts about becoming the X-Files of the Defense Department. Several high-ranking Space Force officials have already expressed their concerns about the public relation's nightmare the nascent branch has had to contend with since its creation, back in the days of the Trump administration. They worry the added responsibility of having to deal with UFOs could further deteriorate the respectability of their public persona, which has already been lampooned on mainstream media with shows like Space Force and countless memes.

Embarrassment notwithstanding, senior Pentagon officials agree the new service is better suited to engage in a more robust effort aimed at collecting information on UFOs. "It makes perfect sense. There is no limit to the Space Force mission. It doesn't have a geographic boundary like the other services." With UFO popularity at an all-times high, this might be the perfect opportunity for the Space Force to boost its image and their ranks by assuming a leadership role in investigating one of the most persistent and perplexing phenomena ever.