Tarot read on alien disclosure



Hi Kat welcome aboard.
Tarot....scary stuff. I am strictly fingers in ears, eyes closed, head in the sand with that stuff Haha


Hey Katkat,
Nice work, you seem to be very passionate about what you do.
That's awesome, but feedback from me is your videos range from almost an hour down to half an hour. Unless you you come across a real Tarot follower that is a lot of time to dedicate to Tarot on a UFO forum, you have posted over four hours of videos here. That's a lot to take in if your not a full on Tarot enthusiast.

I also noticed you did not bother to even acknowledge the welcome given by our beautiful Queen and forum owner Leta.
Nor mine but I am but a loyal Knight in arms for my Queen, so that's cool with me. I matter little.

You would surely peak my interest if you were to summarize your readings into digestible chunks of reasonable text, then link to the full video for those wanting to see more.

But given you did not even bother to say hello back to your welcomes, but instead just posted more readings. It looks at face value your just here to head hunt followers with no interest in our home here at AB.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the current climate of pending disclosure.
But like most I work full time and have limited free time. There is an abundance of amazing content here I like to watch.
I have not the time for hours of card shuffling and random musings.
Hope you take time to interact a little.
All the best


Hi Katkat, I did something similar. I used a pendulum to Devine on what’s coming up and I got positive confirmations are coming our way.