The Big Phone Home 2



Image: Luis Jimenez

Luis Jimenez, creator and host of the Unidentified Celebrity Review, is kicking off the Labor Day weekend with another 'Big Phone Home' event. The 3-day extravaganza will feature some of the most recognized figures in ufology, who will come together in a show of support for UFO disclosure. The event is expected to generate a lot of media buzz due to the participation of prominent government and science personalities, such as Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett and Harvard professor Avi Loeb.

This is the second event Luis and friends organize to petition Washington, D.C. politicians to take the UFO issue serious. The main agenda for the Big Phone Home 2 involves requesting the government to hold public Congressional hearings on the subject. For the next 3 days, willing participants will reach out to their representatives via email, telephone, and regular mail, to ask them to have an "open and honest dialog" with the American people about UFOs.