The Dudley Dorito



The object depicted on the home page (followed by two interceptors) was the thing I saw that set me off on the whole ufo thing.


Two summers ago one of my sons called me at work, he sounded very sheepish so I knew straight away something was up.
He is an Electrician and other than casual conversation that usually ends up in him hanging shit on me, he has no interest in UFO's or the paranormal.
He was very hesitant but was clearly out of sorts, After a little prompting he told me what happened.
He was standing in his mothers driveway loading up some tools in his work ute. It was hot and sunny with a few small to medium white clouds scattered about.
He got really embarressed at this point but said he heard a sound that he described as a bit like an old science fiction movie sound effect but very quiet. He got very defensive and embarressed as he was aware how corny it all sounded. I encouraed him to continue. He went on to say that he looked up and about the sky but could initially see noting.

Then noting movement on a cloud he said he could clearly see a triangular shaped blurr moving under the cloud. He said he could still see the cloud, but it was shimmering in a moving triangular shape underneath.
He went on to say that he could still hear the sound but then see nothing against the blue sky. Then after a moment he said the shape again passsing under (i suppose), another cloud. He could see it only when it moved across a cloud.
He saw it under one more coud after that then nothing.

He wasnt exactly upset, but he was definitly out of sorts.
This is a very no nonsense tradesman, likes cars and bikes, good job house etc, In no way a fruitcake like his old man :)
In fact he has devoted a lot of time to taking the piss out of me for my interests.

This was I think the xmas Aussue 2018 2019 summer period.
So this was a transperant Dorito :)


I saw this thing one evening when I was on my house roof in Baghdad. Back in the early eighties.

It was known as 'The Dudley Dorito' over in the UK as it was first seen from the town of Dudley, and it was Dorito shaped. I couldn't make out the triangular background, but the lighting was just as shown.