The Mystery of the Black-Eyed Children



Image: J.Doe

They are the stuff nightmares are made of. One or two may haplessly find their way to your front door on a late stormy night persistently asking you to let them in. You may see them moving towards your vehicle while you are sitting in traffic waiting for the light to change. They may seem like helpless kids caught in some sort of predicament and in desperate need of assistance. But listen to the thugs of your kind heart at your own peril.

By the time you realize the trap you've been led into, an overwhelming and paralyzing sense of dread will grip your senses as you find yourself staring into a pair of soulless, black orbs devoid of any smidgen of humanity that only an otherworldly rapacious mind predator is capable of having. All of the sudden, the child in the unfortunate encounter - is YOU.

Reports of Black-eyed Children (BECs) first surfaced in the late nineties. These paranormal creatures, notable for their pale skin and eyes as black as a starless universe, have reportedly been seen hitchhiking, panhandling, or at the doorsteps of residential homes begging to enter. Nick Redfern, a full-time writer and journalist, recently wrote an interesting article about BECs and their possible origin and nature:


This one makes me a little suspicious. As a parent, if I saw 3 kids panhandling, or hanging about, talking to people with Black eyes I would be concerned for their safety and call the cops. I imagine so would most people. Universally most folks are pretty protective over kids. Sowhy is there not police reports and the likes. Cops would surely want to talk to the kids parents and if they could not take them into custody. I am not sure about this one.