The Observers



A new UFO documentary released by 1019 Pictures is out and it is causing a sensation. The Observers, co-produced by radio personality Jimmy Church and acclaimed Hollywood director Roger R. Richards, is bringing an in-depth philosophical examination of the phenomenon to television screens all over the world. Featuring a parade of prominent personalities in the UAP field, this new masterpiece is a must-see for both casual and committed UFO researchers.

As we approach the inevitable official confirmation of non-human intelligent life in our midst, a series of existential questions and fears about our place in the universe become amplified by the uncertain, elusive, and often questionable agenda of these alleged extraterrestrial lifeforms probing our planet and its inhabitants. What are we to make of these strange activities in our skies, and how are we to respond as a species when confronted with the reality of a technologically superior civilization? All of these questions and many more are addressed in this fantastic film you cannot afford to miss.