The Potosi Ufonaut



Image: Pablo Ayala

We continue our tour of South American UFO lore with yet another remarkable account of high strangeness. This one hails from Bolivia and is quite fascinating and horrifying at the same time. The story gained worldwide notoriety after famed UFO investigator J. J. Benítez traveled to Bolivia in 2001 to interview the witness.

According to then 24 year-old Valentina Flores, a native Quechua resident of Opoco, a remote province situated in the south-western highlands of Bolivia, the bizarre encounter occurred while she was tending to her flock of sheep and llamas.

Soon after noticing that some of the llamas had wandered off from the grazing pasture, Valentina set out to retrieve them but not before corralling her sheep and their offsprings in a nearby stone structure adjacent to the field.

Upon her return, she was horrified to find a child-like, extraterrestrial entity on his knees, gutting up her livestock and collecting their organs inside a plastic bag. Described as a chubby, 3-feet tall blonde male with a Nietzsche-like red mustache, the strange humanoid seemed surprised to have been caught literally red-handed as he went about his nefarious eviscerating activity. It is at this point that the story takes a turn for the surreal...