The Rendlesham Forest UFO Conspiracy



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This new book by noted conspiracy theory writer, Nick Redfern, brings a different interpretation to the famous 1980 Rendlesham Forest incident, where several U.S. Air Force personnel had a close encounter with UFOs over a 3-day period. Based on new revelations provided by individuals who claim to have been part of a secret UK government mind control experiment, Nick proposes that the encounters have a more prosaic explanation involving hallucinogens and hologram projections used on USAF officers stationed at RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk, England.

These claims are bound to stir some controversy in the UFO community, where the preferred narrative is that of an alien visitation rather than an elaborate mind manipulation hoax. However, we must remain open to the possibility that this alternative version of events could have some merit to it given the state of the Cold War and the fact that both superpowers and many satellite states where involved in extensive psychological warfare projects at the time.

This book will no doubt encourage readers to question long-cherished beliefs and confront their biases in a way that may even feel uncomfortable at times, but in the end will leave them more informed and better prepared in a field where critical thinking is of the utmost importance.


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Yeah he was on The Erica Lukes Show last night on KCOR @ 7:00 PM PT.....Talking about this book...I did not listen to the show..Its god awful unbelievable how much they want a month or a year just to be able to listen to this stuff. I said screw it I will eventually buy the book one day its cheaper.


Former USAF officer, Jim Penniston, a key witness of the Rendlesham Forest incident, made his appearance on F2B yesterday and questioned Nick Redfern's version of the events. He denies any possibility that wut he experienced could have been a hallucination or a hologram. His hypothesis is that the sighted objects were probes from the future sent back through time for some unknown purpose. Listen to the show by following the link below:



I don't put a lot of faith on peoples so called expert analysis when it is done retrospectively.
Chinese whispers play such a big part in inaccuracies.

Two people watching a boxing match will have two completely different takes on the match depending on who they support.
5 People watching a car crash will describe it differently.
Opinion plays a big part.
The other thing is that memory is so fallible, when key witnesses sometimes change testimony over years, it means nothing to me. Just because that person made a mistake or two only makes them human, and fallible.
It does not automatically mean they are lying.

I bugger up my stories from my youth all the time, the basic story is the same, but my memory is human. I still get details wrong, forget bits, sometimes even mix up events. But I am not lying. Just human.

In my opinion the only really valid testimony that we should really pay attention to was that given by the key witnesses at the earliest possible telling of the events,