The USS Kearsarge Incident



Image: US Navy

We are following a developing UAP story being investigated by Dave Beaty, a noted film producer and UFO researcher in our community. Mr. Beaty was recently approached by retired US Air Force and Marine Corp senior officers about a possible 2021 UFO incident onboard the USS Kearsarge, an 843 foot-long Wasp-class amphibious transport dock ship under the command of the Navy’s 2nd Fleet.

According to the military officers, back in October 2021, a detachment of U.S. Marines belonging to the Light Marine Air Defense Integrated System (LMADIS) where on the deck of the USS Kearsarge off the east coast of Virginia performing routine work-ups prior to their deployment when they spotted two unidentified objects trailing the Navy vessel. The UAPs were described as "car-sized," luminous, spherical objects roughly 200 feet in the air and moving in an erratic fashion.

Attempts by the ship's personnel to identify the unknown objects were purportedly unsuccessful due to the radar and FLIR thermal targeting system's inability to lock onto the UFOs. Drone countermeasures designed to commandeer the intruders also failed to disrupt the flightpath of the mysterious UAPs, which continued to follow the ship at a distance seemingly oblivious to the barrage of electronic warfare being targeted in their direction. More details in the link below.