The USS Ronald Reagan UAP Incident



In 2004, the Nimitz-class, nuclear-powered supercarrier USS Ronald Reagan had a close encounter with multiple, large, orb-like gaseous objects that left a number of sailors in a bewildered state. The story, as told to filmmaker Dave Beaty by veteran US Navy quartermaster Karol Olesiak, has all the makings of a true close encounter with a phenomenon that seems to enjoy loitering in the vicinity of our military assets.

According to Mr. Olesiak, the first of many strange luminous orange spheres was already present on starboard forward, hovering just a couple of hundred feet over the bow, when he assumed his night watch. Much to his surprise, the commanding officers on the bridge seem to purposely dismiss the presence of the unusual luminous body trespassing into their area of operations.

When you’re on starboard forward you have 70% of the flight deck…we looked down at the flight deck and all the people on the flight deck were looking up at something…I couldn’t recognize it so I looked at it through the big eyes…it was a sideways orange oval and it wasn’t solid…once it disappeared someone on the fantail reported it on the sound powered phones…once we rotated the Assistant Conning Officer said: when I was a kid I saw a UFO and my mom told me not to tell anyone

Dumbfounded by the apparent cognitive dissonance displayed on the bridge by the senior officers, Mr. Olesiak had no recourse but to proceed with his duties for the night while trying to internalize the event and the uncanny reaction of his superiors and fellow shipmates. What later unraveled on that fateful evening in 2004, is documented in the interview embedded above.